August 7, 2015
2 years, 9 months and 16 days since
our Reunion.

THANK YOU to all of you who took part and attended any or all of the events we had for our 40th Year Reunion!

Holly Mullen summed it all up perfectly in a Facebook post:

"After coming home late last night from chapter two of my 40th Olympus High School reunion, I couldn't sleep for hours.  My mind kept whirring with memories, efforts to recall people and places and really, just the joy of reliving simpler times.

(Like a lot of us), I often hated high school.  Because.  Who didn't?  There was the struggle over how to blend in (while simultaneously trying to be an iconoclast), insecurity about my looks, my weight, my level of intellect, the pain of rejection and navigating the social pecking order.

That being said...the passing of four decades is a great equalizer.  I so loved exchanging stories with dozens of classmates about family, work, politics and world travel.  And we did not skip over the tragedies--we have endured the deaths of loved ones, tough divorces, unemployment, addictions.  But what a sweet spot we lived in so many years ago.  The rockin,' polyester-powered '70s.  Onward Class of '75.  See you next time around, Titans!"

With funds received from our Silent Auction, as well as generous donations from classmates, we were able to raise about $1,750.00, which will be used to fund scholarships for deserving OHS graduates.

We will still gratefully accept donations to this cause, and you can do so on this website after clicking on the Donations link.

Can you believe it's been almost three months since our
Olympus High School
40th Reunion?

This website is not shutting down!
If at any time, you feel prompted to post pictures, contact classmates, or look at your elementary school class photos, you will be able to do so.

We need your help, though, in maximizing the value of this site, so please:

*Post any pictures you took at our reunion events

*Upload your current photo and a short bio on our Classmates Page; we all want to know what's happening in your life

*Let us know when our classmates pass away so we can include them on our Memorials Page :(

*Purchase our Class of '75 dvd (produced by John Bradshaw), with proceeds going to our Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund


Chair:  Tricia Thatcher Davis
Alan Stoddard, Robyn Peterson Dunn, Melanee Lewis Limb, Tyson Thorpe, John Greaves, Sheila Barton Jacobs, Wendy Nelson Margetts, Sheri Kingdon Lloyd, Andrea Smith Wagstaff, Patti Madsen Hansen, Anita Burgess Rice, Cindy Fullmer, Ann Silver Bowen, Dale Asay, Ellen Cannon Fisher, Patricia Best Dennis, John Bradshaw, Russ Ence, Kelly Brown Hicken
(Photo of Olympus High School courtesy of Steve Rossi)